Rekindle Your Spark

Find your peace with the aging process. Build habits that last. Feel good about your future!

A healthy lifestyle is a lifelong journey. Working with a health coach gives you the one-on-one encouragement, support, and accountability you need. 

Need a nudge in the right direction?

let me help you

make and follow a plan

The coach-client relationship is a partnership. I guide and encourage my clients toward readiness to change, to get “unstuck.”  We work together to craft personal goals and a realistic plan for each unique situation.

We anticipate setbacks together as a normal part of growth.

The result? Change that’s positive and meaningful.

FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call

Maybe you’re eager to get started or – on the other hand – you’re not sure if you are ready.

The discovery call is a good opportunity for Q&A and to determine if we’re a good coaching fit.

One-on-One Sessions

Our coaching sessions are private and cater to your unique needs. Our time together can focus on your preferred health topic. We can talk through barriers to motivation, wellness visioning, planning, or goal setting.


Join my webinars and workshops on Zoom covering topics relevant to you. Past topics: fighting stress, sleep hygiene, heart health & brain health.

Email me for more information and future dates.

Our partnership will


Energize you to rediscover what’s most important to you


Help you realize that it’s never too late to adopt a wellness mindset, change stubborn habits, and improve your health


Center your personal values to impact your wellness goals


Motivate you to shift your attitude from “less” to “more”


Encourage you to find peace with the aging process


Guide you toward lifestyle goals that lead to long-term results


Empower you with tools to advocate for yourself, giving you a feeling of independence


Inspire hope for your future health

What to expect when working with me

First, we’ll schedule a 30-minute discovery call (Free!) to get to know one another.

We’ll agree on the length of the coaching program. The focus and pace will be unique for each person.

In our first session, we’ll talk through where you’re at and I help you envision where you want to be.

Next, I’ll guide you to determine focus, make a plan, and set goals. And, we’ll prepare for challenges together.

And, we’ll track progress along the way. I’ll be there as you celebrate successes and learn from setbacks.

The frequency of coaching sessions is typically weekly or bi-weekly or as long as the partnership is needed (usually 2 to 12 months).

Take the first step.

Reach out to set up a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.