Nine domains for best quality of life

Planning for and maintaining your best quality of life is one of the most important things you can do for yourself as you age.

Interestingly, a group of older adults in a 2018 study pinpointed nine domains that described what quality of life meant to them. The areas they chose seem to apply to many ages — including folks who are just starting to think about what they’d like their lifestyle to look like in their later years. 

What quality of life meant to them

  •  Health Perception – Feeling healthy and not limited by your physical condition in older age. Not being limited by your health.
  •  Autonomy – Being able to manage on your own, retaining dignity and not feeling like a burden. Being able to choose what you want.
  •  Role and Activity – Spending time doing activities that bring a sense of value and joy. Feeling valuable and comfortable in your own skin.
  •  Relationships – Having close relationships which makes you feel supported and enable you to mean something for others.
  •  Attitude and Adaptation – Looking on the bright side of life. Being positive and making the best out of life.
  •  Emotional Comfort – Feeling at peace. Not lonely or isolated or troubled by past experiences.
  •  Spirituality – Feeling attached to and experiencing faith and self-development from beliefs, rituals and inner reflection.
  •  Home/Neighborhood – Feeling secure at home and living in a pleasant and accessible neighborhood. Living as long as possible in your home.
  •  Financial Security – Not feeling restricted by your financial situation. Enough financial freedom to enjoy life.

So, which one or two of these nine areas resonates with you?

Which domains have you already mastered?

Are there a couple that you know you’ll want to work on in the coming months and years?

Being aware of these will be helpful as you consider making changes to your lifestyle.