Spring cleaning might just boost your mental health

Are you doing some spring cleaning? I don’t know about you but when the days get longer, I’m motivated to start new projects. Get the garden ready for summer, purge old clothes in the closet, sweep away cobwebs, and clean the gunk off those refrigerator shelves.

Psychologists agree that there’s a feeling of accomplishment and de-stressing that comes with spring cleaning. There’s no question that it lightens our mood.

Get rid of clutter and you might just find that it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for.  -Unknown

Clutter causes stress by overwhelming our senses and reminding us of lists of undone chores and to-dos. By cleaning or organizing physical spaces, we can also organize our mental space to produce positive and clear thinking.

By clearing the “clutter,” we improve our mood, productivity, and creativity. It’s calming and energizing, and apparently it can even strengthen our immune system. Sounds good to me!

Think of the last time you immersed yourself in a cleaning or organizing project. How did you feel when you were finished?


Make a list of a few spring cleaning tasks you’d like to tackle. Choose one and make a date with yourself to complete it. Watch how it boosts your spirits!

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